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“Wisdom Begins in Wonder.” – Socrates

A man of wisdom and wonder, Greek philosopher Socrates was born in 469 B.C.E. and is considered one of the wisest of all time. Through his questioning and honest dialogues, the renowned philosopher sought to find what was true and good in life. Socrates spent much of his life in conversation in the marketplace, exploring an argument to its conclusion. With fellow Athenians, Socrates discussed and debated life. He taught by making others think. Dedicated to life-long learning, Socrates celebrated the word…”Why?” (http://www.dailycelebrations.com)

The Wonder Project encourages you to wonder and discover!

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  1. Hi Mr.Mundorf
    I did my Wonder Project on the history of Cocker Spaniels.Here are a few facts I learned.
    There are 2 kinds of cocker spaniels the English Cocker Spaniel and the American Cocker Spaniel.They originated in Spain.Spaniel means “dog of Spain”.Richard Nixon had a pet cocker spaniel when he was president.They were used for hunting wodcock.

    Bibliography: http://www.cockerspanielpuppies.info/cs_history and

    I hope I get an A+

  2. Hello Mr. Mundorf it is jpembree and I wanted to tell you a little about my last wonder project of the year! I did my wonder project on Thomas Edison and how he became famous. I learned that he put a patant on over 1,000 of his inventions and some we use today. I have also learned that he became a telegrapher after saving a little boys life. He also became the most scientist in American History. A website that I found my informatioin on was http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas Edison. See you on Wednesday.

  3. Hi I did my wonder project on Monster Quest. I learned that they are cancelling th eshow in the middle of the fourth season )= A good place to go to is the monster Quest website on history.com

  4. I wonder about where whales are located. I wondered about this because my family and I are going to Sea World for whale watching and because of the accident with the Killer Whale in Sea World. This relates to social studies because it has to do with where whales are located.Billions of years ago whales weren’t found in water because people think whales WALKED on land! As the years went on the whales started to change. They “lost” their back legs and their front legs became flippers they were then considered, underwater mammals. Gray Whales spend winter in the Pacific Ocean around Baja California, Mexico. In the middle of February the whales start heading north to the Artic Ocean, Bering Sea, Chukchi Sea and a little bit of the Beaufort Sea. They then head all the way back to the Pacific Ocean around Mexico and begin the cycle all over again. Blue Whales live in polar seas but are barely found on the coast lines. Beluga whales’ habitat overlaps the narwhals migration pattern so they head north in brackish water and estuaries. Bowhead Whales live in the cold Artic Ocean at the surface. Killer Whales live in waters from the tropical all the way to artic and coastal and deep oceans. They even swim into some small estuaries. I learned a lot of cool facts about whales but one of the most interesting facts was the idea of whales WALKING ON LAND! I enjoyed this wonder project I listed just a few facts out of millions of facts about whales.

  5. Hi Mr. Mundorf ,
    I wonder about Border Collies
    I wonder about the kinds of names and were they came from.
    This has to do with S.S because it has to do with were they come from witch is the United Kingdom.
    1. Border Collies usually do not do well with other animals, because of their herding instinct, and can become aggressive with other dogs of the same gender.
    2. They will live about 12 to 15 years. Border Collies have medium to longer hair that comes in a different colors.
    3. Today’s Border collie has been around for more than 100 years.

    P.S I enjoyed the rehersal for the golden apple last night
    Bye again

  6. Hi Mr. M! I did my wonder project on Famous Last Words. I learned that Theodore Roosevelt’s last words were, “Put out the light.” He meant it poetically like it was the end of his life. I also learned that Lou Costello’s last words were, “That was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted.” Those last words are my favorite. I cannot wait to share tomorrow!

    My Source was: http://discoverer.prod.sirs.com/discoweb/disco/do/frontpage

  7. Hi Mr.Mundorf I Finish My Wonder Project It Was About The History Of Birthdays And I Found Out That People back then did not know how to get dates straight every day they didn’t know what day it was so they were not able to pay attention to the anniversary of important events like birthdays. Also The song Happy Birthday to You was made by two sisters Mildred and Patty Hill in 1893. And other things that i am gone a say. http://www.tokenz.com/history-of-birthday.html http://www.coolest-kid-birthday-parties.com/birthday-history.html O:-)

  8. I did my wonder project on pabloo picasso.3 facts that I learned are
    1. during Pablos blue period he used mostly the color blue and painted people with sad expreesions.
    2. During Pablo Picassos black period he based his art off af Africa.
    3. One of his most famous cubism painting is called three musicians. *I’ll leave a link to it.
    Tree resources
    link for three musicians cubism art

  9. Hi Mr.Mondorf, I did my wonder project on Michael Jackson and I learned that Michael Jackson was born on August 9,1958. He also was in a band with 4 of his brothers and called the Jackson5. Also he died on June 25,2009 from cardiac arrest from drugs. So Mr. Mundorf you will have to learn more tomorrow so byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee.

  10. Hello! I did my wonder project on Usher and how he became so famous. His Grandma discovered how great he could sing when he joined his church choir. One of his albums went platinum six times and he even got to star in a movie!

  11. Hey Mr.M! I did my wonder Project in Alaska and I found out that In 1867 the U.S. Goverment bought Alaska for $7.2 million Dollars.

  12. I did my wonder project on the 4th of July. This relates to s.s because it’s the history about the 4th of July. I chose this topic because July 4th. Here is some information. The 4th of July is about celebrating being free and that we all should be great full that we all have a free county. Also that we should all remember George Washington crossing that Delaware. The 4th of July can also be called Independence Day.

    Bibligography: http://holidays.kaboose.com/july4-why.html

  13. I did my wonder project on when was Comcast started. I found out that Comcast started in 1963 by four men and currently Comcast is the largest cable and home internet service provider in the entire U.S. I have answered all of my questions about this topic so I have nothing further to wonder about.

    Hope you enjoy my presentation,

  14. Hi, mr.mundorf! the video America, the story of us was great! I could not belive how many assasination notes people sent to president Lincoln. I was shocked at how the slaves were treated and if they’re owner wants them back, they get them back! It was all shocking because the entire movie had many shocking, saddening, and violent parts throughout! I’m now wondering what details the next episode has for viewers now that it’s on the civil war! No matter what, it was still a great movie

  15. HI I did this wonder project on the History of root beer floats! I did our wonder project on this because we were eating a root beer float an as I was eating it I thought about the history of it and did not know anything about it. So I did my wonder project so I could learn more about it. This is related to Social Studies because it has to do with history. Here are five facts about the History or Root Beer floats

    One .Back then they did not call it root beer floats they called it ice cream soda, so root beer floats are also called brown or black cow. In the U.S and Canada they call it Root beer.
    Two. There were a lot of different kinds of ice cream floats, like the Chocolate Ice Cream soda, Root Beer float, Snow White, Pink cow, Coke float, Purple cow, Sherbet cooler, Sherbet float, Russian blizzard, and Egg cream.
    Three. The root beer floats was invented by Robert M. Green in Philadelphia in 1874.
    Four. Another story in August of 1893 a man named Frank J. Wisner owner of the Cripple Creek cow mountain gold mining company had been trying to come up with a drink for kids of Cripple Creek and came up with an idea.
    Five. He came up with this idea while he was looking out at his properties on Cow Mountain on a moonlit night, that reminded him of a scope of vanilla ice cream floating on top of his mountain. Later he told his story and as he told his story it inspired him to hurry back to his house and add a scope of ice cream to his root bear.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_cream_soda#Root_beer_float 5/23/2010 10:58 AM
    http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Root-Beer-Float 5/23/2010 11:04 AM

  16. Hi Mr.Mundorf! This is vgpena and Kjmundorf! We wondered about Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwoood is a famous country singer and an actress. We learned that her real name was Marrie Underwood but she had to change her name because the producers thought that she didn’t look like a Marie, they thought that she looked like a Carrie. We also learned that she was born on March 10th, 1993 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. She grew up on a small farm in Checotah, Oklahoma.

  17. Hi Mr.Mundorf! It’s me JRPena! I’m doing a wonder project with GSEmbree on the Grim Reaper! The Grim Reaper’s [possibly] real name is DEATH:[! The scythe is his symbol of harvesting and keeping souls. Death is mostly a skeleton that wears a black-hooded cloak that barely camouflages him for 1 second then makes him completely invisible:O. He has many abilities that help him make sure no soul stays in the living world, and he brings them to their destination in the afterlife. Me and GSEmbree have much more info! See you tommorrow:]!

  18. Hi Mr, Mundorf it;s ETHoffman I did my wonder project on Pokemon and I learned that there over 250 episodes of Pokemon. I had to split it into several papers!



  19. Hi Mr. Mundorf I finish my Wonder Project and its about the London Bridge Tower and i learned that The Tower Bridge was devised around 1876 when the east of London became extremely crowded and a bridge across the Thames in that area of the city seemed a necessity. Each deck is more than 30 meters wide and can be opened to an angle of 83 degrees. When opened the bridge has a clearance of almost 45 meter. It used to open almost 50 times a day but now a days it is only raised about 1,000 times a year. I hope you like it!!!! 😀

  20. Hi Mr. Mundorf I did my wonder project with ETHoffman. Another site is the game itself called

    HeartGold and SoulSilver

  21. Bayleigh and I did a project about M&M’s. Here are some facts that we both learned . M&M’s are usually taken on space missions. M&M’s are eaten in the Olympic Games in Los, Angeles California. Over 10 million people voted for blue colored M&M’s. GO BLUE. In 1997 M&M’s word in opened in Las Vegas.

    Here is the website we used to find these facts:


  22. i see you still left some wonder projects up (THE BEST PROJECTS EVER SO FUNNN). Sryy i cant bring any more Yumm treats (Remember) LOL Hope to see some great pics on the website 😀
    Love Alexis B

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