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Hi and welcome to our class blog!

I am a National Board Certified fifth grade teacher at Calusa Park Elementary School in Naples, Florida. I utilize the Universal Design for Learning framework to meet the multiple challenges of teaching diverse learners in my inclusive, standards-based classroom. In addition to being a full-time teacher, I am also a doctoral student at the University of Florida.

I first learned about Universal Design for Learning as a participant at a Harvard Graduate School of Education UDL Summer Institute in 2006, and have served as a member of the UDL Summer Institute faculty each subsequent year. In 2010, I designed a graduate-level course on the practical applications of Universal Design for Learning. The course is offered by Gratz College of Pennsylvania and The College of New Jersey through the Regional Training Center.

I am a native of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and live in Naples, Florida with my wife and daughter.

Here are some pictures of my students at work.

Take a look around the blog and feel free to post your comments if you feel so inclined.

Have a great day!

Any questions? mr.mundorf@gmail.com

31 thoughts on “About Mr. Mundorf’s Class

  1. Hi, I saw your presentation at TRLD and was very impressed with the research you are doing and what your students are doing with WYNN. They should be very proud of themselves!!!

  2. All of the information about UDL is so exciting and a challenge to us all to encourage more adoption and development of it.

    Thanks for all you do for your students and the hundreds of others who indirectly benefit from your work.

  3. Hi

    Thank you for your kind comment.

    I am so pleased to have found your site Mr. Mundorf. It is very engaging.

    I should like to link it to mine if that is okay.




  4. I love the website Iwould recommend it to anyone. My faveorite part is president lincoln and how his head follows your mouse.

  5. Mr.Mundorf if you get this buy Tuesday night I have a surprise for you on Wednesday and I promise you that your going to like it. Here is a hint: it is about your home state basketball and football team. Try to e-mail me back and also you said on Tuesday that you have a new user name for me commenting. Get back as soon as you can.


  6. I like the website because the lincoln that follows your mouse. And to see how much people are on the blog right now.

  7. I like the websit because lincon follows you all around. Great i wonder if you are going to put anthing alse on the websit. And i see that it is a lot of poeple are on the website right now.

  8. Mr. Mundurf This wed site is cool .My favorite part is the Lincoln because he talks funny and he is at the school thats very createve, Mr. Mundorf I wish you have a wonderful week.

  9. Mr.Mundorf youre wed site is an asume, My favorite part is your class pictures and also the lincoln part I liked so much that it makes me smile at Lincoln,I hope that you have a woderfull day.

  10. Mr.Mundorf thankyou for puting my sister’s pictures on there and also I liked the part of lincoln because his eyes moved around.

  11. I think your “You Decide” posts are great! I would love to integrate something like this in my blog, perhaps my counselor could come up with some of the questions. Thanks for linking to my class blog. Keep up the great work.

  12. I think you should tell the teacher and he gets kicked out of your group and he will get a bad grade and your group will get a good grade. 🙂

  13. Dear Mr. Mundorf and 5th grade class at Tommie Barfield Elementary School,

    Hello from Nashville, Tennessee!

    As an avid believer that we can always strive for excellence in all we do, I tend to formulate my goals in my field of work and personal life with that frame of thought. Recently, I was looking for a new wave of motivation to keep my mind focused on excellence, so, I decided to Google the phrase, “Excellence is our Aim”. Upon doing so, I could not even help avoiding your magnanimous blog page that you have created.

    My compliments to you for the wonderful webpage where it is clear that learning is not just something that you have to do, but something that you all take pride in and enjoy. It appears that you are doing well. Congrats on the great class. Keep up the great work! Keep respecting each other and your teacher! As well, keep your eyes focused on excellence, as it should always be your aim!

    Finally, keep looking onward and upward in all you do.


    David M. Humphrey

    (aka, Seabass)

  14. Hi Mr.Mundorf Hope your class likes wonder projects this year.
    I hear the 5th graders are swiching classes to get ready for middle school.

    old #6

  15. Thanks for preparing us for middle school. It was a lot of fun last year! It looks like fun, I wish we could go back now. Have you started doing wonder projects?

  16. Dear Mr Mundorf,

    I thought you might be interested in this website http://www.brainetics.com as this gentleman Mike goes to various schools and guest lectures and encourages, stimulates the kids to think outside the box. Mike ‘s website has an e-mail request form to request he come to your school. I am interested in his program and think Katie would like and benefit from Brainetics. The website has a 20-20 link as the TV show did a piece on this guy Mike. It would be cool if he came down from Chicago and spoke to the kids at TBE and MICMS. What do you think!


    Amdrew P. Derwin

  17. hi mr.muundorf i was wondering how it`s going in classes and how are you are you doing good or bad because i am having alot of fun in canada and it is very cold up here 2 days before i got here it was not snowing so now it is snowing very hard. plese respents back tomorrow see you when i come back.

    thanks bye bye and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thanks for your time today…. the students and teachers here in Louisville are better from now on because of our encounter today.

  19. Hey Mr.Mundorf it is ur former student form last year Rocky Esquivel and I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed having you as my teacher last year you were a big help and i wanted to thankyou for that. I also wanted to tell you It was good to see you yestarday when i stoped by your classroom after school and I can’t wait to here back from you.


  20. Greetings Mr. Mundorf!
    I am a fellow 5th grade teacher and a current student at Gratz College! I am looking forward to the UDL course; it is on my “short list”. A co-worker of mine took the course and raved about it…and what a coincidence as I set up my class blog for the first time, I bump into the course’s author! I am inspired by your blog and class; look for “The MacPack” as a new up-and-coming blog on edublogs!! Thanks!

  21. Hey Mr.Mundorf! me and rocky are on your blog right now haha, it was so great seeing you at graduation and keeping your promise to us to come! I miss your class so much and the wonder projects i used to get bad grades on every month. I actually wrote about you in my reading class, they sasid to write about a memorable teacher so i put you because i think you were the biggest impact on me in my elementary years :D. i hope to see you soon!

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