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Division (Episode 4)

“With Industry in the North, and cotton in the South, the American economy is booming. Tensions over slavery, however, begin to tear the nation apart.”

Division. (2010). The History Channel website. Retrieved 12:30, May 12, 2010, from

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  1. bnpena says:

    I learned a lot of information from the movie. Also I learned that slaves were sold and seperated from there familys. In 1797 the cotton gin was invented. The cotton gin was use full for a lot of rich people. the movie that we watched was very interesting. :)

  2. YMMundorf says:

    Hi Mr.Mundorf I like the video that you show us and I learned that Daniel Boone mens don’t take supplies to their trip. Boone was had like a little party on the forest and they had a suprise attack from the Indians many of Boone’s man’s die. 50 mens die when they were traveling to Kentucky. Lewis and Clark were explorer and they always wanted to know what was at the other side.

  3. BDMundorf says:

    Hi!T his video was AWSOME! I liked this video way better than the last one and I found out that it cost $1,000 to buy a man slave and it cost $800 for a woman salve. Also, it cost $500 for a child slave. I also found out that Harriet Tubman forced slaves to escape no madder what they do. Even if black people have the right to be free they still can go back to being a slave or go to jail for a very very long time.

  4. AMPena says:

    Hey Mr. M umm I liked the movie and the best was when John Brown tried to stop the slavery, and Eli Whitney inventing the cotton gin was awesome because it helped the slaves do the job faster, what I didn’t like was that it was illegal for the slaves to marry, write, read, and to name their children after them. :D

  5. dypena says:

    i learnd a lot of cool stuff from the movie. i learnd that if the black man run away from their master to up north, they can come get you. black man slave are 1000 dollers, women 800 dollers, kids are 500 dollers. they used the cotton jen to get more cotton a year. the video gave a lot of information!!

  6. zthoffman says:

    In the video I learned a lot one of the things I learned was when the cotton gen was invented it changed everything. Because of the cotton 1/3 of the population worked at the mills. The cotton also affected the way people wore there cloth. The cotton boom caused the slaves cost to rise the men were 2,000 women were 1,000 and the children were 500.The nation was falling apart because of slavery, for that reason John brown started the slaves rebellion. John brown attacked slave traitors but unfortunately he was caught and executed. These are just some of the things I learned.

  7. kjmudorf says:

    Hi Mr. Mundorf I thought that the video was fascinating and sad :D! But it’s weird because I did my wonder project on whales and it talked about whaling and using whale oil. Here are a few facts that I learned during the video:
    1. The south makes the cotton the north knows how to sell the cotton.
    2. It had taken a whole day just to make a pound of cotton but then the cotton gin was made.
    3. Slavery starts in the south then moves west because the cotton starts to grow in the west.

  8. skhoffman says:

    Hey Mr. Mundorf I think Division was a great episode of the story of us. I think it is mostly about how the south and the north seperated as the Union and the Confederates. I also learned that the south also wanted their own rights it wasn’t only about the slavery. They thought that the states should have their own local government to make their rights.

    Peace Out

  9. ANembreee says:

    Hi Mr.Mundorf. Anembree here. I really enjoyed watching the video you showed us. It was very interesting to me. My favorite part is when we learned about the cotton gin. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin to help. It did help the slaves pick out the seeds out of the cotton but people started buying more and more slaves. They also started planting cotton everywhere. They were destroying all the land to plant the cotton.

  10. lahoffman says:

    Hi Mr.Mundorf i liked this video some parts were pretty cool and some were sad. Like how when slaves were free and there plantation owners just came after them when they had family and friends and they just treated them like they weren’t even human. Some cool parts were when they were whaling and the whale was just devestating that boat. It was also funny at some parts like when he needed to relite the fuse but it was defenitly not funny about all the people that got injured during the making of that man made lake. I think they should of had better protection than just putting there shovels ovetr there heads and hoping they dont get hit by a big rock. :]

  11. ktembree says:

    Hey Mr.Mundorf, The division video in class the other day was amazing!! We learned all about the cotton gin and the rivalry between the north and the south over slavery. I can’t believe the slave owners were so mean and selfish all they wanted was a bunch of money, even though I don’t blame them I don’t think its right for them to mistreat PEOPLE and not pay them for the work they do! Slavery was increased when Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin because cotton owners were making more cotton and money and they needed more workers without losing their money. Then Abraham Lincoln became president and tried to ban slavery. His idea didn’t work to well, the south was ready to fight for what they believed in! And that’s how the Civil War came to be. Eventually the north won and now there is no more slavery in America! GO ABRAHAM LINCOLN!!

  12. ELMumdorf says:

    Hey MR.M I liked episode 4 more than episode 3. When those guys killed the whales I was kinda sad :( :(. To me the most interesting thing was when they lit the bomb to blow up the rock, but it wasn’t cool when they had to relight it. good by MR.M you will get another one next time.

  13. sahoffman says:

    Hi Mr.Mundorf the movie was cool. I learned that Dewey Clinton wanted to make the Erie Canal. I also learned that Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin, so that the people didn’t have to pick the cotton and get the seeds out which took a long time. So then almost everyone started to use the Cotton Gin which brought up the slave trade. Since there was a new invention they had to get workers. But also woman got the opportunity to get a job.

  14. ehpena says:

    Hi Mr. Mundorf. The most interesting part of the video for me was when people were in little boats and they tried to kill the whales. And I thought that it was cruel that slaves onlt got paid $2.00 a week. I also thought that it was very mean when they were selling the slaves for like kids are $500 and women were $800 and men were $1000, think that part was the most interesting and sad part of the movie:(.

  15. tvpena says:

    When Eli Whitney made the cotton gin it created a demand for slavery. Before the cotton gin, slavery was in decline in the South.

    Harriet Tubman was one of the people who didn’t believe slavery was right. She was a former slave who kept coming back to the South to help slaves runaway to the North. The route she used was called the Underground Railroad.

    Abraham Lincoln became president in the 1860s. Slavery was a big deal and was dividing the United States. He tried to stop the spread of slavery, but it didn’t work out too well. Instead, a war started between the North and South.

  16. kdpena says:

    4 Million black americans are slaves :( :( :(. 1825 the industrial revolution begins. over 3 thousand miles with out a engineer. Devord Clinten wouldn’t take no for a answer. wordn millonare is made in 1840. :(:(:(:(.

  17. mcpena says:

    I thought that the it was unfair that only women worked in the factory, and they could not read or write, but i remember that they read poems while working.

    i think that the cotton gin was a good idea because you could separate more cotton easily, i think that Eli Whitney was a VERY smart person

  18. sqpena says:

    Four millon black americans are slaves.1825 the industail revolution.Over 3 thousand miles with no machines.harriet tubman helped free slaves from farms.

  19. esmundorf says:

    HI MR.Mundorf. I Thought that the video was a very good video. What I didnt like was when the people were trying to kill the whales. Also what I didnt like was when the white man took the black man when he was fixing the womens dress and he said he was not a slave and the took him in front of the two children.

  20. esmundorf says:

    HI MR.Mundorf. I Thought that the video was a very good video. What I didnt like was when the people were trying to kill the whales. Also what I didnt like was when the white man took the black man when he was fixing the womens dress and he said he was not a slave and the took him in front of the two children. I felt sorry for the two kids that they had to see that man being draged from the room.

  21. jpmundorf says:

    Hey Mr.Mundorf I loved the movie you showed us. And one of my favorite parts was when they talked about Eil Whitney making the cotton gin. But one of the sad parts was when they talked about killing the whales.

  22. CCHoffman says:

    :)In the video learned that children could work in factories to help support their families and that the cotton production w as booming because of the cotton gin and every plantation wanted a cotton gin and more slaves to tend to the cotton this also increased the slave trade and more slaves were bought. Also abolitionist John Brown made a bad move to end slavery in Virginia and he fails. With no help for Abraham Lincoln’s election they are now split and at war. :)

  23. AGhoffman says:

    Hey Mr. M. I learned a lot of things during the video. Some of these things include:
    1. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin (cotton engine).
    2. The cotton gin made it easier to pick the seeds out of cotton.
    3. Slave trade was actually decreasing before the cotton gin. The cotton gin was an opportunity for slave owners to make money. Therefore slaves were more needed.
    I can’t wait to see the next episode!

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