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Westward (Episode 3)

“Trailblazing pioneers set out to conquer the vast continent west of the mountains, but find the land already claimed. Wagon trains meet danger and hardship on the road to unprecedented riches in California’s golden hills. Along the Mississippi, the steamboat ushers in a new era.”

Westward. (2010). The History Channel website. Retrieved 9:15, May 5, 2010, from

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  1. gppena says:

    When we stared the movie I thought that it would be boring but it was kind of interesting. 3 things that I learned were that
    1 the gold rush was a very big thing for settelers and that they would spend all of there money and hope to find gold.
    2 In 1803 Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisianna Percahase.
    3 I also learned that Sacagawea helped Louis and Clark on their expidition.
    Those were the most interesting facts to me.

  2. tbmundorf says:

    Hi mr.M its me tbmundorf and i loved this movie…is it a movie? a episode? well…you know what i mean. It was cool but i saw some of the parts that got pretty violent and it was scary.Some of the parts were sad like when Davy Crockett died and the trail of tears was pretty sad to :( . I think that the children were put to a lot of work and had to do a lot for their ages. It was scary at the bear mauling because- ugh well it was discusting. Well at least it is history.

  3. Hjhoffman says:

    I learned that moving west wasn’t easy at all. Not only did people experience hardships. Also i wonder why so many people wanted to head west fell into problems with nature. Many of the travelers died but some didn’t. They also traveled in wagons to get around. Thank you!

  4. YMMundorf says:

    Hi Mr.Mundorf I like the movie that you showed to us especially when Daniel Boone had a little party with his mens and then the indians attack them because it was their homes and they would defend it, on the25 of March 1970 Boone enter the Indians home many of Boone’s mens die. Luise and Clark wanted to know what was at the other side of the world, a Native American that was 16 years old help them and guides them. The movie is really interesting. I like it!!!!!!

  5. kgpena says:

    I enjoyed every part of the movie it was amazing. Especially with the graphics of Davy Crockett was trying to kill the opponent they really looked mad at each other. I also like when Daniel Boone and his men were hiking in the wilderness

  6. twmundorf says:

    I enjoyed every part of the movie. It was one of the best movies that we have watched in school. The part that I liked the best was when Daniel Boone was going on his journey because I think exploring unknown land seems very interesting.

  7. zthoffman says:

    In the vodeo I learned that in 1775 Daniel Boon went to explore with many men when his journey was over only 50 men died.On May 1846 evey body started to move west.President andrew Jakson started the trail of tears by moving all of the indians to move out of there homes to a reserved area.One family called the Donner family ,moving west took the wrong turn and got stuck and were sttranded for 5 months.The movie was very good.

  8. ampena says:

    Hey Mr. M I thought the movie was cool because Sacagewea helped Lewis and Clark and also because Sacagewea had a baby.

  9. mphoffman says:

    In the video I learned a few things. One thing was that in 1775 Daniel Boone went on a journey with a big gruop of men along with him. Only 50 of them died during the journey, the rest survived. Another thing was that in 1805 Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea reached the pacific ocean after their long exploration. One of the last things I learned was that in May 1846 every body moved westward from their homes.

  10. ehpena says:

    Hi Mr. Mundorf I loved the video we watched and what I founf out was that when there was the Lewis and Clark expedition they found Sacagewea to lead the way for them and my favorite part was when Sacagewea had a baby boy along the trail.

  11. lahoffman says:

    The video was very interesting I thought it was pretty hard for all those people to just leave every thing behind and just go for it when they dont know whats on the other side. Traveling through the forest with bear maulings and indian attack probly wasn’t all nice either. I also learned that Sacagewea with Luis and Clark traveled west making maps of new land for president andrew jakson. This was a very interesting episode.

  12. TPembree says:

    Hi Mr.Mundorf what a great video that was it was so interesting.I didnt know Sacagawea was kidnapped into a whole new tribe. I also didnt now that Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea were the fist people to discover the Pacific Ocean. I couldent have belived how the Donner family was stranded for 5 years only because of one small turn.

  13. jvhoffman says:

    I thought that it was very cool and I thought it was the best movie that we have ever watched in school. I also thought it was very dramatic. Here are some facts that I learned. 1. Lewis and Clark took Sacagewea on their expedition to find paths and lead the way for them. 2. Out of every 5 women, at least 1 of them were pregnant. 3. President Andrew Jackson started the “Trail of Tears” by telling all the Indians to move out of their homes to a reserved area. I thought the movie was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  14. cnpena says:

    I liked the movie. I never knew that Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark with their journey. And I never knew that Sacagawea was kidnapped and was forced to join a whole new tribe.

  15. aimudorf says:

    I liked the movie wastward. Daniel boone was a smart man. Daniel Boone was a great and smart hunter. presdent Jefferson brouht the louisana purchase and sent lewis and clark to find new things plants and animals. Then lewis and clark meet shawnee. Next she had a baby lewis and clark little pulp.

  16. klmundorf says:

    My favorite part of the movie was when the Donner family took the short cut which was actully longer then the regular path. The Donners ate all their food and had to kill the horse and eat it’s meat and they had a new born baby so that must have been hard. :(

  17. VRhoffman says:

    Hi Mr.Mundorf, I learned three facts while watching the movie. I learned that Jett Smith was attacked by a bear when he was 24 and as the best hunter. Abaham Lincoln mom died from milk sickness. In the 1840′s the pioneers started moving west. The donner family put teself in hunger and coldness. Daniel Boone was an explorer who was traveling an was attaked by indians. 50 of his mens died.

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