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UDL Guidelines 1.0

4 Responses to “Jefferson County (KY) UDL”
  1. Maree Whiteley says:

    Seems like so long ago that I attended the Harvard Summer UDL course. THanks for the reminder and prompt to contact you. Keep the UDL flag flying Jon! Love your work!!

  2. Rebecca Doyel says:

    Mr. Mundorf’s class—you guys should be so proud of your teacher! He has done an amazing job of representing all the great things going on in your classroom! All of these Kentucky teachers have been sprinkled with “Mr. Mundorf’s Dust” and you should all be proud of him. I would like to hear from some of you. What’s it like to be a student in Mr. Mundorf’s room? While I realize it’s fun…tell me about the learning! How do you like being a learner in Mr. M’s room? Thanks again for sharing your teacher with us and I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break!

  3. Tonya Artman says:

    Thanks for sharing the UDL message to our group. I am looking forward to an exciting week in Cambridge. BTW, your edublog is cram packed full of exciting information for your students and parents. Kudos!

  4. Harriett Mackey says:

    Dear 5th graders,
    While you were enjoying your Spring Break I was fortunate enough to hear your teacher speak in Louisville, Ky. He had so many wonderful things to say about you all. Mr. Mundorf is very proud of how hard you work. You all are also lucky to have such a fabulous teacher. I took so many notes that my hand hurt when I was finished. Being in Mr. Mundorf’s class must be a wonderful experience. Hope your first day back after Spring Break is a great one.

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