9-foot python discovered in Marco Island backyard




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  1. twmundorf says:

    I think that the story is cool because they are talking about a nine foot python and the python is in a backyard.

  2. aimundorf says:

    I like the story about the 9-foot pyton its a cool story yhats what i like the pics to.

  3. JWMunbdorf says:

    When you passed out the letter on The 9 foot long python I was surprised I was not expecting it especially when I was reading the letter. When I was little when I use to see a snake I would pick it up and start playing with it especially the tiny black ones. I was not afraid at all.
    From JWMundorf

  4. kbmundorf says:

    I think that it may be very dangerous to people and the animals because they are not native to Marco Island. And that it is cool because they are a very cool animal. And they are a little bit scary because they can kill you very easily it can rap around you and squeeze you to death.

  5. klmundorf says:

    HI Mr.Mundorf :) I thought that if a 9 foot python was right in front ME I would sceam like a baby and get myself out of there. Well TOODLES!

  6. ESmundorf says:

    I think it is wrong because they are part of the enviorment and some people love snakes. Also because some people dont whant them to go extinct. Last but not least they are part of this world and people should respect that because this is also their enviorment and there home.

  7. tbmundorf says:

    I think it is totally shocking that a snake popped up at someones house!!!!!!!!! well i cant beleive those snakes swam here from an island so far away! i thought that a 9-foot python would drown. Well i think that this is all toastally cool! i mean totally cool… Well TOODLES (bye-bye) :) :D

  8. RoMundorf says:

    Hi Mr.Mundorf I love the pictures of the snake they are so cool thanks for putting them on the blog! I think it is the right chose to put it down, because other wise it would have spreaded!

  9. bdmundorf says:

    9 Feet Wow!I can’t believe that the Landscapers caught that huge Python.I thought they would get consticted or something. I’d just run away if I was those brave Landscapers. Am I glad that they where there to save the day or else Marco Island would be eaten by that big thing.

  10. jp1mundorf says:

    I think the article is cool and they should arrest that owner if it used to be some ones pet. That big snake could of killed somebody. It could have wrapped around somebody.

  11. elmundorf says:

    Mr.Mundorf the pictures are cool but this can be really dangerous to the ecosestym.

  12. kjmundorf says:

    Mr. Mundorf:
    I don’t think its that great of an idea to have a snake as a pet because what if it got away and then the police get involved with that situation and then you would own an illegal snake and then your snake would be euthanised (be put to sleep).

  13. igmundorf says:

    I think that it’s very dangerous to even go near the python because it could wrap around them and kill them to death. Like once my friend’s dad and my dad once killed a python and they were lucky because they didn’t get killed.

  14. DNMundorf says:

    Hi Mr. Mundorf I thought that it was a little creepy because it was a 9 foot python. A 9 foot python could have killed us. Also the python could damage the the ecosystem. Who evers python that was they should really take care of it better REALLY it is there pet. I mean what would happen if that python came in your back yard and you were getting a tan it would eat your body. That is why this python thing is creepy to me.

  15. jpmundorf says:

    Mr. Mundorf
    I think that snakes are very dangerous in Marco. It can have people running and screaming . And they can be eating fish that are in the water . Because they are swimming from lakes . And if they eat fish what will the dolphins be eating.

  16. csmundorf says:

    The 9 foot python came to street 836 Button Wood ct.The people who found it was a undercover agent for the FWC.I thought that it was surprising that a 9 foot snake would be resting there on the lanai.I think that there should try to keep as much snakes out of Florida.

  17. ymmundorf says:

    I think is scary because is a 9 foot snake that would be really scary and also that is a nonnative meaning they can kill the native species that live In Florida another thing it was closet to a house it could have heart the person that live on the house.

  18. ICmundorf says:

    The 9 foot python came to street 836. I thing that the sake was kill by the police.

  19. jjmundorf says:

    The 9 foot python was captured by a FWC trapper who works undercover trapped the snake that weighed 40 pounds. The first people who saw the 9 foot snake was the sand castle landscaping company when they called the owner of the landscaping company who’s name was Gary Grisko. They also found the snake behind 836 Button Wood ct. I think that it was really dangerous because how about if there was a little child playing outside the child would be in great harm.

  20. pcmundorf says:

    The store that my class read was cool and dangers because the pythons cod effect the ecosystem and hart people and pythons cod tack over Marco Island and people would not want to love in Marco so that is way it is dangers.

  21. dcmundorf says:

    What an amazing learning opportunity! This snake could have been in anyone of our backyards! I know your research will hep you gain interesting insights into this non-native reptile. Best of luck with your study and watch out where you step!

  22. Erin (From Ms. Arvig's class) says:

    Hi, this is Erin from Ms. Arvig’s class! http://wayspace.wayzata.k12.mn.us/blogs/arvig/ 83 Well, hope you don’t mind that I’m posting on here. If I saw a nine-foot python… I’d freeze then scream.

  23. jake says:

    Hi I’m Jake from Ms. Arvig’s 5th grade class in Plymouth Minnesota. The whole class saw this part of the blog, and I had a connection, I have a 1-yard long Gardener snake under my driveway. Make sure to comment on are blog at http://wayspace.wayzata.k12.mn.us/blogs/arvig/. TTYL Jake

  24. andrew says:

    Hi this is andrew from Ms.Arvig’s class.
    Today at my brothers daycare the daycare lady’s daughter brought in a 5 foot snake.When we went to pick my brother i got to hold it.

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