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Maps are a part of every great adventure. They help you find your way, share information, look at patterns, and solve problems.

What can YOU do with maps?

Learn more!

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question-markMr. Mundorf’s Class Wonder Project Page

Collier County Public Schools – Research Process

5th Grade Online Resources

Calusa Park Media Center

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Science Investigation Stations – Weather and Water

water droplet

Station #1 – Harcourt Science

Station #2 – Discovery Education (link through Angel)

Station #3 – Harcourt Science

Station #4 – BrainPop Weather

Station #5 – Harcourt Science – The Learning Site

Station #6 – Discovery Education (link through Angel)

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imgresPresentation Notes

EdTech Solutions –

Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System –

The Moving Forward Wiki –

UDL Tech Toolkit –

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The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book

Winner of the 2009 Newbery Medal and Hugo Award

At each stop of his 9-city national tour in 2008, master storyteller Neil Gaiman read one chapter from The Graveyard Book and answered audience questions. Watch his tour readings below and hear the captivating book in its entirety.

Remember: At Mackle Park, every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30, Amber Prange will be holding a reading club for the incoming 6th graders to read their required books together for FREE. 389-5034

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questionmarkAfter nearly 750 Wonder Projects this year in Science and Social Studies, Mrs. Pena and I would like your feedback on the journey. We’d like you to take a short survey and share your Wonder Project experiences with us. Thanks!

Click here to take survey

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Website Evaluation Checklist

Ben's Guide to U.S Government for Kids

What do you think?

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SchoolTubeLogo_white (1)

Welcome to the History Kids School Tube page! We are students in Mr. Mundorf’s Class in Marco Island, Florida. We like to make videos to help other kids understand more about the history of the United States of America. We hope you enjoy our videos. Thanks for visiting!

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americaAmerica: The Story of Us

Division (Episode 4)

“With Industry in the North, and cotton in the South, the American economy is booming. Tensions over slavery, however, begin to tear the nation apart.”

Division. (2010). The History Channel website. Retrieved 12:30, May 12, 2010, from

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Ultimate History Quiz

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Part II – Collaborate and Create: Students will evaluate the research on their second topic and design a way to teach the information to fifth grade students.

TBE New Nation Wiki

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americaAmerica: The Story of Us

Westward (Episode 3)

“Trailblazing pioneers set out to conquer the vast continent west of the mountains, but find the land already claimed. Wagon trains meet danger and hardship on the road to unprecedented riches in California’s golden hills. Along the Mississippi, the steamboat ushers in a new era.”

Westward. (2010). The History Channel website. Retrieved 9:15, May 5, 2010, from

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Constitution Center Timeline

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Education Foundation of Collier County

It was a wonderful night at The Phil – a celebration of teaching! If you couldn’t be there, or weren’t able to watch on TV, the 20th Annual Golden Apple Teacher Recognition Program, presented by Suncoast for Kids Foundation, will be replayed on WINK-TV this weekend and on our channel a bunch of times over the next few weeks beginning Sunday evening. To read coverage go to

And The Education Foundation has an invitation for you: Tell Us About Your Teacher and nominate them for next year’s Golden Apple recognition. Click here to Tell Us About Your Teacher!

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Part I – Students will research their assigned topic and contribute information to The New Nation Wiki.  

Part I Resources: 

1. Houghton Mifflin Social Studies

Social Studies Textbook/eBook

Social Studies Texbook Chapter Summaries

2. CCPS Online Resources – Research

Grolier Online

Kids Infobits

SIRS Discover

Kids Click

 3. Other Selected Online Resources


Social Studies for Kids

CCPS Online Resources – Social Studies

Kids.Gov – Social Studies

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jean fritz coverBen Franklin

Sam Adams

Paul Revere

Patrick Henry 

John Hancock

King George III

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Book Cover

Comic Creator

Comic Creator Planning Sheet

Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3

Interview 4 (younger students)

Book Review 1

Book Review 2

Character Card

Character Card Planning Sheet

Graphic Map

Graphic Map Planning Sheet

Advertisement 1

Advertisement 2

Poem 1

Poem 2

Poem 3

Poem 4

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JeffersonCountyPublicSchoolsNational Center on Universal Design for Learning

UDL Guidelines 1.0

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Sons of the American RevolutionSons of the American Revolution

The National Society Elementary School Poster Contest was developed to help stimulate interest in American History in support of the Fourth or Fifth Grade Curriculum. This competition was begun to aid studies at that grade level. If American History is taught in lower grades at selected schools, an entry may be accepted for the competition. 

The central theme for the Poster Contest will be set by the NSSAR Americanism Committee annually, at the Spring Trustee meeting, and will be posted online.

2009 – 2010 SCHOOL YEAR POSTER THEME: “Battle of Bunker Hill Click here for more information. 


Battle of Bunker Hill resources:

Social Studies for Kids 

Liberty’s Kids

Yahoo! Kids search “Battle of Bunker Hill”

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Jamoi MoonTIME For Kids has an assignment for YOU. We’ve told you about global warming, endangered animals, hybrid cars and green schools. Now, we want YOU to answer this question: Why is Earth Day important to our planet?

If you are a photographer, and you care about the environment, we invite you to submit your original photograph for the TIME For Kids Earth Day Photo Contest. The grand-prize winner will receive a digital camera and publication of his or her winning photo in the April 23, 2010, Earth Day issue of TIME For Kids. The contest is open to students ages 8 to 13.

Click here for more information. 

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9-foot python discovered in Marco Island backyard




Click here for the article.
Click here for pictures.

What do you think about this article?

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Article from the Naples Daily News 

Photos from the Naples Daily News

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